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Invyo is Europe's leading data platform, specializing in data analysis for the investment industry. Our mission: to help you collect, exploit and transform large quantities of raw data into actionable signals.


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Data analysis tools
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Venture Capital & Club Deal

Identify new LPs or spot new deals with our data analysis solutions based on artificial intelligence.

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Private Equity

Make informed decisions by automating the creation of reports on your targets and using data to support your participations.

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Family Office

Data analysis tools designed to meet the specific needs of family offices, ensuring efficient, personalized management of your clients' assets.

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Benefits seen by our customers


times more companies detected


times less data management costs


of time saved searching for signals


of companies detected are under the radar

Our customers have their say

Data is at the heart of our business as VCs, and we know that a good command of it will represent a definite competitive advantage in the future. Thanks to Invyo's teams, we have developed a powerful dealflow qualification tool that uses a scoring system to identify the most relevant companies in line with our deep tech investment thesis.

Etienne MOREAU

DeepTech Partner at Supernova Invest

Invyo has revolutionized our search for LPs. In just a few minutes, their solution analyzes LinkedIn and identifies qualified contacts, turning hours of work into a fast, reliable task. This allows us to concentrate on higher value-added activities. The reliability rate is 100%, a remarkable saving in time and efficiency for our fund.

Candice BAUDET

Managing Partner at Accurafy4

While we've been developing our tech platform for 3 years at Red River West, we came across some use cases that were complicated to maintain and not worth developing in-house, so we quickly turned to Invyo. Indeed, their technical expertise and deep understanding of our business quickly convinced us that they were the best European player capable of developing tech solutions for Venture Capital.


VC & Tech platform lead at Red River West

Philippe ROCHE

Our Global Deal Club is growing rapidly, and Invyo has enabled us to significantly optimize our process and thus the number of LPs joining our community every day.

The Invyo solution plays a crucial role in this expansion by optimizing and automating our LP acquisition process, saving time and increasing efficiency. Since we implemented Invyo, our conversion rate has risen from 50% to 72%.

Philippe ROCHE

Founder & CEO at Inovexus

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