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A new era of data analytics

Real-time analytics

Access live company and market data to find new opportunities and act before your competitors.

Data warehouse

Integrate our data to your current softwares or simply connect your existing databases to our platform.

Anticipate the next big thing

Access powerful predictive analytics to take better and faster decisions while spending less time running manual researches.

Trusted by leading industry players

Individual / Start-Up

As a business angel, researcher and even an early stage start-up, you can use our BI tools to identify market opportunities and trends before others.

Growth Team

As a small team of innovation specialists, analysts and even vc investors, you can reduce your research time by creating your own analytics and take data-driven decisions.


As a large team of marketing specialists, sales and even analysts, you can strengthen your existing processes (CRM, ERP, etc.) by accessing valuable company data to increase revenue.

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A one-stop shop for all your market data

INVYO Analytics

Our powerful tools collect and process millions of data in real-time to identify emerging players, track companies, and understand the latest trends in the industry.

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INVYO Insights

Create your own reports on any topics or companies with our plug-and-play solutions and share it with the rest of your team to make faster decisions.

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INVYO Learning soon

Get the best out of our data analytics with our knowledge center that shows you live usage of our BI tools and assist you toward your goal of becoming a data-driven enterprise.

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