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A new era of data analytics

Research time reduced by 80%

Our proprietary algorithms do the research work for your team, allowing them to allocate efforts and ressources to valuable tasks.

Each platform is unique, and 100% adaptable

We use machine learning and Natural Langage Processing (NLP) to make sure that your team get access to a customized and secured platform with targeted data, so that you maintain your competitive advantage.

Designed to be open

Digital transformation should not be kept to an executive level. With INVYO, your team can easily share their work and transfer actionable insights with the business units.

Trusted by leading players in the Finance industry

Financial Institutions

A unique multidimensional approach that is being used by leading banks, insurance companies, consulting firms or investment funds.

Fintech scale-ups

Cutting Edge Finance Technologies that require market intelligence solutions to find new business opportunities in high-potential markets.

Non-Financial Institutions

Leveraging the power of human intelligence to connect FinTech players, organizations, research firms or governments across the world.

A one-stop shop for all the market data in FinTech

INVYO Analytics

Our powerful tools collect and process millions of data in real-time to identify emerging players, track competition, and understand the latest trends in the industry.

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INVYO Insights

Our team of analysts share in-depth insights and use cases on tech products or business models, with the sole objective of supporting your team at any time and help them take data-driven strategic decisions.

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INVYO Learning

Our BI tools have been designed to train and acculturate your employees, allowing them to understand and stay informed of the latest trends and market moves related to their area of expertise.

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