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$24.7 billion

is the amount invested in FinTech companies in 2016 alone.
(Source: KPMG)

82 percent

is the percentage of FIs around the world that plan to collaborate more with FinTech in the next 3 to 5 years.
(Source: PwC Global Fintech Report)

33 percent

is the average adoption rate in Fintech across the world in 2017, compared to 16% in 2015.
(Source: EY Fintech Adoption index)

2 billion

is the number of people who are still struggling to access basic financial services worldwide.
(Source: The World Bank)

Article 36

is the perfect example of regulatory changes happening in the banking industry to drive innovation. (e.g. PSD2 in Europe)
(Source: PwC)

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