Our guarantee that protects your personal data and protects your privacy.

When most websites you visit try to hide this page, at INVYO we want to make it as accessible as possible. Visually accessible, in its form by creating a dedicated and clear page but also in its content by making it understandable by all.

Why this approach?

As a reference in the data sector, INVYO has a duty to set an example in terms of personal data protection, in accordance with its core business of data control, exploration and visualization and the bond of trust on which the relationship between INVYO and its clients is based.

Furthermore, we do not seek to profit financially from this data by reselling it. Our only objective is to always know you better in order to satisfy you.

What the RGPD law allows you to do

Any person can,

  • Access all the information concerning it;
  • To know the origin of the information concerning him;
  • Access the information on which the person in charge of the file relied to make a decision concerning him/her
  • Get a copy
  • Demand that its data be, as the case may be, corrected, completed, updated or deleted.