Why Aronia ?

The main FinTech battle is the war with financial illiteracy

$5 trillion

is the valuation of the education market per year while the sector attracted less money than Uber alone.
(Source: Techcrunch)

2 percent

is the percentage of Fintech start-ups that have at (least) a knowledge center or a glossary on their platform.
(Source: Techfoliance)

94 percent

is the percentage of executives in banking who don't feel ready to welcome financial technologies.
(Source: PwC Banking 2020)

500+ million

is the number of people who use chatbots, and this number is expected to increase to 2.2 billion by 2020.
(Source: The Digital Finance Institute)

+50 percent

is the percentage among the 18-34 years old people who are more likely to tell the truth to a chatbot than to a human person.
(Source: Pegasystems)

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