A ready-to-use solution

A unique and adaptable platform based on the needs of your company

We connect and integrate all your internal and external data sources.

We clean the data to make it usable and actionable.

We analyze the data according to your business context

We present the results in an adapted format (application or API)

Data Discovery :
Data mining

Our data discovery solutions provide a unique way to explore data and identify new opportunities for all businesses.

Our technological exploration bricks

INVYO turns your data into a decision-making tool

Exploit raw and unstructured data to detect new market indicators

Automate the processing of complex data to limit the risk of human error

Contextualize and simplify the reading of data to facilitate team decision-making

Data Check :
Controlling the data

Our “data check” solutions allow you to keep control of your company’s data.

Our control technology bricks

Every decision must be based on confidence, not intuition

Intelligent and automatic operational risk management

Real-time notification of changes to your financial assets

Reduction of financial losses due to manual data entry errors

Data Viz :
Data visualization

Our “data viz” solutions make it possible to “make the data speak” by transforming it into readable information.

Our technological bricks of visualization

INVYO extracts data that counts in real time!

Make sense of your data with interactive graphs

Share your vision with as many people as possible by making data accessible to all

Better understand your own data to facilitate decision making

Who can benefit from our solutions?

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