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The investment fund

  • Topic: FinTech in France
  • Client: Investment Team | Leading FinTech VC fund
  • Type: Sourcing & Brand awarness

Mission: INVYO's data, coupled with insights gathered from the fund's team, led us to produce the most complete mapping in FinTech ever been made in France to date. Extensive SEO campaign was also built to a targeted audience through INVYO's communication channels to promote client's brand.

  • 400+ Company Screening
  • 50,000+ Single Views
  • Ranked #1 on keywords "Fintech", "France", "Mapping"

The bank

  • Topic: InsurTech in Europe
  • Client: Innovation Team | Leading Global Bank
  • Type: Sourcing

Mission: Identifing early-stage insurance start-ups in Europe that are offering prevention, security and wellness solutions, with a particular focus on health, family, home and mobility. Innovative business models were then introduced to the bank's business divisions.

  • 300+ Company Screening
  • 55 Company Profiling
  • 1M+ Articles Collected

The family office

  • Topic: Payment cards in Europe
  • Client: Executive Team | Family office
  • Type: On demand research & Company profiling

Mission: Mapping of the payment landscape in Europe through social media monitoring and network theory combined with natural language processing (NLP). Data collection led us to analyze trends and provide specific use cases on new business models to match client's internal expectations.

  • 550+ Company Screening
  • 10 Company Profiling
  • 5 Business Cases
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